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On-Site Cylinder Repairs Melbourne 

Have you checked your hydraulic cylinders recently? You’re well aware that your excavator can’t run without functioning cylinders, and that means you could be losing time and precious dollars if your hydraulic cylinders aren’t up to scratch!

We service and repair cylinders on-site for multiple excavator brands, including Case excavators and Sumitomo excavators, just to name a couple!   


Cylinder Resealing

Is your cylinder in need of a re-seal? Rapid Rams specialises in the repair and service of hydraulic cylinders, so you’ve come to the right place! No matter how big or small your requirements, our technicians are fully equipped to assess and expertly diagnose any issue.

You can rest assured knowing that our resealing service is second to none, as we use state-of-the-art equipment paired with our team’s high-quality skills to ensure your cylinder remains operational for many more years to come. 


Cylinder Re-rodding 

If your cylinder is in desperate need of rod fabrication, that’s something Rapid Rams can take care of. Manufacturing to perfection, we take into account your specifications and any special requirements that you may have.

Our re-rodding specialists can replicate your rods, always working to match your application. Contact us today if your rods could use a spruce up!


Cylinder Fabrication and Builds

Not only do we repair with ease and perfectionism, we have the ability to fabricate pins, bushes, rods and cylinders on demand! 

We can upgrade your existing cylinders to meet new system requirements, or fabricate to your specifications, just say the word and we’ll lend a hand. 

We’re the best in the business for a reason, find out how we can take your excavators from zero to hero and ensure that your next project will be completed effortlessly and hassle-free. See what we can do for your cylinders today!