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Rapid Rams Services-Melbourne


Rapid Rams stock a large range of parts from Seals, Chrome Bar, Burnished Tuibe, Pins & Bushes, through to complete Rams and fittings.  No matter your requirements big or small Rapid Rams can source the parts you require.  We have and extensive knowledge in the Hydraulic business and have contacts throughout the world enabling us to source the right products at the right prices.  


Rapid Rams stock a large range of seals, imperial, metric, covering a large range of equipment.  We can supply parts to your specifications, have a unique seal, Rapid Rams can source all types of seals from around the world, and can have produced custom seals if required.

Chrome Bar

Rapid Rams has a large selection of Chrome Bar available for purchase, Contact us via email or give Rapid Rams a call to discuss your requirements.

Rolled Burnished Tube

Rapid Rams Stock a large variety of Rolled Burnished Tube, available to suit your application.  Rapid Rams has contacts world wide so no matter your application Rapid Rams can supply the parts and equipment you require. Contact us today to discuss your requirements .

Pins & Bushes

Rapid Rams can supply all of your Pin & Bushes for any brand of equipment and can produce one off items as required.  Whether your needs are one set or a set for the entire peice of equipment.  Rapid Rams can supply the parts you require, call us to discuss your requirements


Rapid Rams Re-Seal can complete all your Re-seal requirments no matter how big or small they are.  Rapid Rams technicians pull down your Hydraulic cylinder and complete a full assesment on the cylinder, ram and other components. Giving you peace of mind that your Hydraulic Ram and Cylinder after a completed inspection and Re-Seal will continue to give you trouble free operation for years to come.

Rapid Rams offers an Express Rams Service. A 24 hour turnaround service on re-seals on most Hydraulic Rams and Cylinders. Contact us for further information


Rapid Rams Re-Builds,  no matter what type or size Hydraulic Cylinder or Ram. If it requires attention we can complete a rebuild to suit your requirements.  From Re seals through to Rod Replacement, or tube replacement.  We can complete a rebuild process to bring your old Ram Cylinder Back to new condition.   All Rams are pressure tested prior to being dispatched from our workshop to ensure you receive your equipment  in top condition


Rapid Rams Re-Tube, if your cylinder is scored or damaged beyond repair our technicians can replace your worn out cylinder tube with a new one.   Rapid Rams can utilise your other components rebulding your hydraulic cylinder  back to as new condition. Rapid Rams can Re-Tube your Hydraulic Cylinder, and Re-Rod if required contact us today to discuss your requirements


Rapid Rams has a large selection of Chrome Bar available for the fabrication of any rod requirements you may have.   Our Technicians can manufacture to your specifications, they can manufacture and replicate rod replacements to suit your application.


Rapid Rams Re-Pin have available pins to suite all makes and models of machinery as well.  We can Re-Pinn and Re-Bush your equipment as required please contact us to discuss your requirements.  No matter how old or unique your equipments is, if there isn't a pin available we can custom make the pin to the original specifications.

New Build

Rapid Rams can complete New Build Service manufacturing, new hydraulic rams to the original manufactures specifications or your own design and sepcification.  Rapid Rams can build new Rams for any project in single one off units or multiples 


Rapid Rams can fabricate to your requirements or specifications, pins, bushes, rods, cylinders, complete ram builds.  Whether you need one or hundreds we have the ability to manufacture on demand and to demand.  Rapid Rams can also fabricate to your existing cylinder specifications, or to fabricate, up graded systems when the orginal equipment just isn't standing up to the conditions.  Contact us today to discuss your fabricating requirements