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The Cost of a Hydraulic Leak 

It’s a pain, but it happens. Hydraulics can break, malfunction and spring leaks. No matter the quality of the hydraulic system, there can always be an issue.

If you think you can leave a leak just because it’s small or your machine is still running fine, think again! We’ve compiled what a nasty leak in your hydraulic can cost you, and it might be higher than you first thought…

Machine and Hydraulic Costs

First, let’s look into how a leak can adversely affect your hydraulic system and the machine it’s being run in.

Lost Oil

The most obvious cost, a loss of oil is obviously detrimental to your machine, as well as your wallet. Hydraulic oil and fluid isn’t the cheapest thing on the planet, and even a small leak over time can cost you big bucks.

Inefficient Machine Operation and Shorter Life

As your machine receives less oil, it will run at a lower efficiency rate as it will take more oil to do the same amount of work. Leaks can also allow dust and other unwanted chemicals to enter your machine, causing it to wear out and shorten its lifespan.

Part Replacements

As your machine may wear down or your hydraulics inevitably fail from the leak, this means purchasing new parts or organising a repair could be in order. Depending on what needs replacing, this can be a rather large sum of money!

Other Costs

If you’re more concerned about your machine, don’t forget about the other areas that can suffer from a leaky hydraulic system.

Quality Suffers 

As your machine suffers, so does the quality of the work you’re doing. A lack of precision and contamination issues are common symptoms of a hydraulic leak. This is extremely detrimental to your business, especially when working with big clients who expect top-quality work.

Harm to the Environment

Even if your machine is still up and running, you should be considering the impact the leak can have on the environment. It can even result in hefty fines and punishments.

Loss of Time

The longer your machine or hydraulic system is out of action, the more money you’re losing. It’s not always a quick fix, so you can miss out on work and other jobs as you wait. 


Proper cleanup for any spills and leaks can also take up a lot of time and effort. In some cases, you may require specific products for the clean which will have you digging into your wallet once again!

Keep Your Hydraulics in Check

If you’re worried about the impact of any hydraulic leak you come across, Rapid Rams has the solution to your problems. We provide high-quality replacement parts for your hydraulics, as well as any servicing you may need from our expert team.

We can upgrade your existing cylinders to meet new system requirements, or fabricate to your specifications, just say the word and we’ll lend a hand.