Exploring the World of Hydraulic Fluids | Getting to Know Hydraulic Fluids

Exploring the World of Hydraulic Fluids: Types and Applications

Hydraulic systems are widely used in large scale projects in various industries, from construction and manufacturing to aerospace and automotive. 

As powerful as these systems are, they cannot power these heavy duty projects on their own. They rely on hydraulic fluids to transfer power and enable the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. 

Given how essential hydraulic fluid is to your system’s performance, it’s important that you are up to speed on the different fluid types, and who better to teach you than the hydraulic experts at Rapid Rams!

Common Types of Hydraulic Fluids

Various types of hydraulic fluids are available, each with their own unique abilities that make them perfect for their specific applications. Read on to learn all about the most common types.

Mineral Oil-Based Fluids: These are the most traditional and widely used hydraulic fluids. They provide good lubrication and are cost-effective. However, they may not perform well under extreme temperatures.

Synthetic Fluids: Designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures, synthetic hydraulic fluids offer exceptional stability and protection against wear and corrosion. They are ideal for demanding applications, such as in aviation and industrial machinery.

Biodegradable Fluids: As environmental concerns gain prominence, biodegradable hydraulic fluids have emerged as eco-friendly alternatives. They are less toxic and biodegrade more easily, making them suitable for applications in forestry, agriculture, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Water-Based Fluids: Water-based hydraulic fluids are mixed with an emulsifier and other additives to enhance their performance and safety. They are typically used in fire-resistant hydraulic systems and applications where fire hazards are a concern.

Matching Hydraulic Fluids to Applications

Now that we’ve got you up to speed on all the different types of hydraulic fluids, you are ready to power into learning about how to choose the right fluid for your hydraulic cylinders to ensure the best performance for your mighty machines!

Operating Temperatures: Consider the temperature range that your hydraulic system will operate in. Some fluids are made to survive high temperature environments, while others are in their element in cold conditions.

Environmental Concerns: These days, everyone needs to be environmentally conscious, even hydraulic heroes like you. So, evaluate the environmental impact of your hydraulic fluid, especially in ecologically sensitive areas.

Compatibility: Your hydraulic fluid and system are going to be working in close proximity so they need to get along well to get the job done properly. Ensure that your selected fluid is compatible with all the materials and seals used in your hydraulic system.

Now that we've shared our expertise you’re ready to power forward with your projects knowing that you have the perfect hydraulic fluid for the task. 

But remember, your hydraulic fluid is only as good as the system it is paired with. If you are in need of hydraulic repairs or replacements you know just who to call. Reach out to Rapid Rams today to guarantee that your hydraulic systems are better than the best!