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What Are the Components of a Hydraulic Cylinder? - Rapid Rams

Hydraulic cylinders are the key component to your machines! If something goes wrong and it breaks down, you could have a big issue on your hands, not to mention a waste of time and money! 

To fully understand how a hydraulic cylinder works, you first need to wrap your head around the parts of it. We’ve got an explanation of what makes up a hydraulic cylinder so you can get a proper handle on it.     

Cylinder Base   

The barrel is enclosed at one end by the cylinder base, which can be attached to the barrel via a weld, threading, bolts, or tie rods. At one end of the cylinder, the base secures the mounting solution and tightens the seal to maintain pressure and stop fluid leakage. The base and hydraulic cylinder are mounted or welded to the main body of your mobile equipment.

Cylinder Head 

The cylinder head is located at the opposite end of the barrel. By sealing off the barrel's opposite end and allowing the piston to extend and retract while under pressure, the head preserves hydraulic pressure. Seals and bearings found in cylinder heads help to align the piston rod while also sealing the barrel, head, and opening.


The piston, which is located inside the barrel and is connected to the rod, carries the force of the hydraulic fluid, enabling the barrel to expand or retract. To allow seals to fit around it and maintain hydraulic pressure inside the barrel, a piston is frequently cut with a number of grooves. The piston is linked to the piston rod by threads, bolts, or nuts and transfers its power to the piston rod.

Piston Rod 

The piston rod normally attaches to the piston and continues from the cylinder through the head. It is made of cold-rolled steel that has been hard chrome-plated. The hydraulic cylinder is connected to the working machine part, such as a plough or dump body, via a piston rod. The piston rod is directly attached to the mounting attachment.

High-Performance Hydraulic Parts 

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