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Kobelco Excavators

At Rapid Rams, we are the definitive hydraulic experts, able to provide quality cylinders for all of your excavator brands.

We know that you use your excavator for heavy loads and demolition within any type of harsh environment, and that means it will require powerful cylinders that can withstand all kinds of pressure. That’s why our cylinders are of the highest quality, and we ensure they’re strong enough for all varieties of excavators.

Kobelco excavators deliver maximum power and performance in a wide range of applications. With increased lifting, swinging, travel and multi-functioning performance, they help you get the job done more efficiently. They are optimised for heavy digging, lifting and grading applications and are built to last with minimum downtime.

These superior pieces of equipment are integral to your company, and it’s imperative that they’re taken care of, and our team is well equipped and highly skilled to perform a wide range of hydraulic service and repair jobs on Kobelco excavators, all while fitting them with our top-notch cylinders. Our quality services are geared towards lowering the risk of recurring malfunctions, and that’s why we include a 12 month warranty with all hydraulic cylinders, giving you peace of mind while you’re hard at work.  


Excavator Bucket Cylinder

Your excavator’s bucket is located at the bottom end of the arm, attached by another hinged joint. The bucket cylinder on the outside of the arm allows the bucket to pull inwards to lift dug material and extend to tip, releasing the material.

Buckets themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes to hold different volumes of waste or cut through different materials.

This means bucket cylinders are a hardworking piece of hydraulics, as it’s responsible for tilting the bucket on your excavator and any other accessory that may be mounted on the quick coupler.

Our bucket cylinders are ready for the task, strong enough to make certain that your bucket can handle even the toughest substance and thrive in all environments.


Boom Arm Cylinders

The arm of an excavator is attached by a hinged joint to the end of the boom. Picture a human arm. During its operation, the hydraulics in a boom arm cylinder act like muscles in an arm extending and moving the components, providing the digging movement for the excavator.   

This allows the excavation movement via the controls, defining the ideal position for your bucket to isolate the desired materials and perform effectively.

The boom and arm, whether you see them to be the same part or not, both rely on each other and are connected. Your boom arm cylinder has to be sturdy and prepared to cope with the immense weight and movement that is required for the arm to operate, so ours are of the highest quality that reinforces durable, long-lasting assurance.


Lift Cylinders

If you want your excavator to function with strength and ease, it is essential that your lift cylinder operates at full capacity. 

To successfully lift your materials, your lift cylinder needs to be in tip-top shape. It has the responsibility of allowing the arm to move, and links to the effort made by the machine while lifting the materials.

We’ve got your hefty load covered! Our lift cylinders supply solid strength and can withstand the substantial weight of materials that you’re working with.



How can you conduct your heavy duty work if your hydraulic cylinders aren’t slotted perfectly into place? Cylinder pins are the key and glue for your cylinder. Holding everything in place, hydraulic cylinder pins are essential for your excavators’ assured performance.

At Rapid Rams, we have an exhaustive list of cylinder pins to suit your excavator and cylinders, with options to complement numerous brands, sizes and types.    


Custom Cylinders

Our service doesn’t stop there, if you’re after something specific or a little more personalised, we can manufacture custom cylinders for excavators up to 300 tonnes. 

Our experienced team works closely with all our clients to identify the requirements for custom cylinders that best suit their needs within their industry and for their specific project. 

We pride ourselves on our reliable and trustworthy services, and we understand that equipment can break down at the worst possible moment. It’s crucial that you get your machines back up and running, which is why we offer on-site and field hydraulic ram repairs and other on-the-spot services, so you can resume your construction project as soon as possible.

And with our 12 month warranty, you’ve got nothing to lose! Call us now on 0432 261 765.


Models We Service

Our first-rate skills allow us to service, rebuild and replace cylinder parts for numerous models under the Kobelco brand.

As prominent experts in our field, our mastery of hydraulic cylinders allows us to efficiently and artfully work on a large range of models to ensure your excavator is functioning at its absolute best. 

If you’re worried about the capability of your Kobelco’s cylinders, concerned it’s on its last legs, or had a bad breakdown that needs to be taken care of, Rapid Rams is your go-to provider.    

And don’t forget about our 12 month warranty on cylinder parts, ensuring that your project will be completed with zero hassles.      

See below the Kobelco models we can service: 

  • Sk17sr

  • Sk35sr

  • Sk225sr

  • Sk85sr