When You Should Repair a Hydraulic Cylinder | Repair or Replace Hydraulic Cylinder

When You Should Repair a Hydraulic Cylinder

At Rapid Rams, we know how important your hydraulic cylinders are when it comes to your excavators and even automotive vehicles. If they’re not up to scratch, or something goes wrong, there could be dire consequences for your project. There’s nothing worse than losing time on the job due to a hydraulics issue, lost time equates to lost money. 

The loss of performance with your hydraulic cylinders could be cause for concern, and your first thought may be to replace them. But when should you instead opt for a repair over a replacement?

Hydraulic Failure

There are numerous parts in a hydraulic cylinder which could have issues. The barrel, the piston rod, the piston, the cylinder head, the cylinder cap, as well as various seals and bearings. If something goes wrong with these parts, it can cause a problem for your machine, and then create a problem for the work you’re trying to complete!

Failures can take on many forms, and that’s why you must consider if a repair or replacement would work best.

Should I Repair or Replace?

Now just because your cylinder has an issue, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re required to replace it straight away. There are many methods used, like what we do at Rapid Rams, to repair a hydraulic cylinder. Most cylinders can be repaired by expert professionals (like us). It can also be a more cost effective option compared to buying a new part for replacing. 

There are other things to consider too, like the cost of money lost during the duration of the issue. How much is it costing you on your project as you’re waiting for a replacement? If it’s continually replaced, it could be an underlying issue that a replacement isn’t going to fix.

But every cylinder does have a life cycle. They’re not going to last forever, so there are issues or times where repairing it will not hold up. You need to make sure a professional is examining the cylinder to determine the exact cause of the problem to ensure a correct diagnosis can be made on whether a replacement or repair is required.           

No matter if your hydraulics need to be replaced or repaired, we have the largest stock of parts in Australia, as well as the experts to assist with any of your enquiries! 

Get in touch with us today so we can ensure your hydraulic cylinder works with ease.