5 Ways to Reduce Hydraulic Repairs | Hydraulic Maintenance Tips

5 Ways to Reduce Hydraulic Repairs

If you work with excavators, or any machine that utilises a hydraulic cylinder, you know that it can be a large cost to repair or replace it. But working in harsh environments means wear and tear can easily occur, and the initial failure in one area of your hydraulic cylinder can set off a chain reaction throughout the entire system.

But there are ways to minimise the number or frequency of repairs, and we’ve put together the top 5 ways you can reduce the amount of times you need to take your hydraulics to an expert for repairs.

1. Maintenance

This one is a must. Regular maintenance should be carried out as often as is needed. We recommend keeping a log of when you last checked the cylinder and vehicle, how old it is, and any other information that could come in handy. It’s no good waiting around until something gets broken! Keep the maintenance up and your machine and hydraulics in working order.

2. Use Correct Fluids

As you will know, using the wrong fluids for your system will cause damage to your hydraulics and can lead to a decrease in performance. And when the wrong oil or fluid is used, the damage can be extensive (and cost you a lot of money!). Ensure you know which fluid is right for your system, and keep it performing at its best.

3. Regular Check Ups

Any machine and cylinder is going to need check ups. It's best to always be testing the performance of your system, because if a drop in performance is noted, it could mean something has gone wrong and there could be some damage. Even a small problem can build into something much worse, losing you valuable time and money in the long run.

4. Plan for Maintenance  

If you’re sticking to a maintenance plan (which you should be) it’s going to help with your overall production. Knowing when your checks will occur means you can plan in advance for any time that you’ll lose, allowing any workers to have time off or for you to organise any replacements in the meantime.

5. Use a Qualified Repairer

You’ll know that purchasing any hydraulic parts or systems isn’t simple or cheap. It’s an investment that needs to be monitored and looked after properly. It needs to be treated with respect, and that’s why you should only trust a qualified and reputable hydraulic expert to carry out any repairs, maintenance checks, and replacements. 

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